We have come a long way since our initial Web launch in 2001 and even further since the school started way back in 1994. We are bigger (9 instructors, 2 locations), broader (5 core martial arts in 11 classes weekly), badder (meet Team Tricky Bastards), and most important – friendlier and more accessible!

Check out our membership options for new students, military and LEO personnel and families, and public sector employees.

We have expanded our hours and classes (check out the new Core Skills Class), we now offer training at  Tactix Gym downtown, we have been getting new equipment and training gear, and even created a new line of FMA-inspired casual clothing (coming soon!).

And now we are launching our completely revamped Web site with more content, more diverse information, improved layout and better integration with our social channels.

Have a look around and tell us what you think!

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