maelstrom Schedule

Maelstrom  in Vancouver BC

6-7:30pm                  Indonesian Pencak Silat Sunda

6:30-8:00pm             Filipino Kali – Pekiti-Tirsia System

11am-12:00pm          Indonesian Pencak Silat Sunda
12pm-1:30pm           Filipino Kali – Pekiti-Tirsia System

** All training is currently outdoors, under appropriate protocols, in view of COVID-19.  Location is near the Olympic Village area and will be provided upon signup.

Maelstrom  Online

6:00-7:30pm        Indonesian Pencak Silat Sunda

9:00-10:30am       Thai Weapons – Krabi Krabong Buddhai Sawan

Maelstrom   in Victoria, BC

6:00-8:00pm         Filipino Kali – Pekiti-Tirsia System

Maelstrom   in Calgary, AB



  • 8 week mini-courses (scheduled or by request for private groups):
    • The Bourne Legacy: Fight Like Jason Bourne
    • Empty-hand for Women: Fight Like Salt 
    • The Raid Legacy: Pencak Silat for Film
    • Non-lethal Self Defense: Pocket Stick
    • Exotic Weapons of Southeast Asia – karambit, golok, kujang, sarong
    • Filipino Butterfly Knife Technique (using trainers)
    • Hari Mau: Indonesian Ground Fighting 
    • Learning and Performing Fire Sword
    • 64 Attacks Form of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
    • Espada y Daga: Fighting Long and Short Blade
    • Healing and Conditioning from Southeast Asia
    • Martial Drumming and Music
    • Intro to Thai Swords: Krabi Krabong
    • Visayan Sikaran: Filipino Kicking
    • Weapons Grappling: BJJ with a Blade (or Stick)

* These 4 and 8-week special programs are offered irregularly featuring unique training opportunities. Please check the home page for current and upcoming micro- and mini-courses.

Also available for private groups upon request.

Class Details

** All classes are open and accessible to beginners 

** Each 3-month term identifies specific material within the very broad and deep knowledge base of Pekiti-Tirsia kali that is repeated throughout the term to ensure students develop linearly and with particular skills and attributes.

Filipino Kali

Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali

  • Basics (alphabet) – footwork, striking patterns, 64-form, and other basics for single stick for beginning as well as all levels of student. Does not change from week-to-week.
  • Fundamentals (words) – Essential training in a variety of weapons for beginners and all other students – follows the curriculum for the current term.
  • Applications (sentences) – Combining fundamental materials in flows and combinations; transitions and bridging; ranging and control. Builds on material from Fundamentals.
  • Blade (critique) – Focus on advanced use of single and double knife.
  • Advanced (prose) – Advanced training for senior students and instructors including theory and technique
  • Sparring (public debate) – Applying the learned materials in a live context; using equipment and careful training methods to approach full-contact fighting


Filipino Panantukan, Empty-hand kali, Jeet Kune Do, and Dumog

NOT currently offered in view of COVID-19

Empty-hand (slang)

  • Empty-hand fighting without weapons – dirty street fighting
  • Defense against weapons – street survival

Weapons grappling (slam)

  • Close range body control and takedowns – in the presence of weapons.


Mixed Style – Equipment Training

Gear-based sparring and technique application including:

  • Filipino kali
  • Thai Krabi-Krabong
  • Indonesian pencak silat
  • Weapons grappling
  • Panantukan/empty-hand
  • Team fight skills


Thai Krabi Krabong

Buddhai Sawan school and Col. Natapong military style

  • Double sword (daab song meu)
  • Single sword (daab nung meu, krabi)
  • Staff (plong), halberd (ngao) and spear (hork)
  • Sword and shield (daab/lo), spear and shield (hork/lo)
  • Forearm shields (mae sowks)


Indonesian Pencak Silat

Pencak Silat Gadjah Putih Jati Wisesa

A village system (from Garut, near Bandung, West Java) characterized by a low solid base, conservative hand positions close to the body, powerful elbow strikes, intercepting/grabbing the attacking hands and elbows, joint locks, and counter-lock evasion.

  • 25 jurus (attack forms)
  • 10 langkah (combat sequences)
  • 10 pernafasan (breathing forms)
  • Kembanguan (stylized performance)
  • Buah (combat execution)

Pencak Silat Mande Muda

A style of pencak silat created by Uyuh Suwanda in 1951 in Bandung, West Java, composed of elements of 17 styles, principally Cikalong, Syahbandar, Harimau, Kari, Madi and Sera until Uyuh met Mimi Rukmini who brought the system of Cimande increasing it to 18 styles. Mande Muda was increased to 25 styles by Pak Hermann Suwanda.

  • Harimau (tiger style)
  • Cimande
  • Cikalong
  • Fighting with flexible weapons (sarong)

The current regular pencak silat class offers a blend of these two systems, with a focus on Gadjah Putih and Harimau.