Spring Term (Apr-Jun 2013): Contradas

Focus:  Contradas (counter-hitting)

Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali is constructed around three conceptions of engagement – the attack (offensa), the counter-attack (contrada), and the counter-counter (recontra). Conspicuously absent is any concept of defense. Rather PTK favors attacking the attacker, utilizing the exposure created by the attacker to their disadvantage. While learning to strike offensa is essential, learning how avoid being hit while hitting back is critical. As they say, the best defense is a strong counter-offense.

For this term, we will work on the techniques of counter-offense. This includes a considerable body of core material including the contradas series for single and double stick, espada y daga, many different knife drills, as well as the destructions of empty hand. While moving is always important, contradas completely rely on footwork and angulation.

  • Solo baston contradas
  • Doble baston contradas
  • Espada y daga contrads
  • Guntings and destructions
  • Contrada flows
  • Col de mama

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