Guro  Brett “Grey Dog” Simms – Instructor


  • Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali

    • Rank: Guro (3rd hagdan)
  • JKD Concepts

    • Rank: Full Instructor
  • Modern Cimande

    • Rank:  Level 1 Guru
  • Dog Brothers Martial Arts

    • Dog Brothers fighter – “Grey Dog”

Guro Brett is an active instructor at maelstrøm with years of teaching experience. He achieved his instructor certification in Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali in 2013, and previously ran programs and instructed at his school in Toronto, prior to moving to Vancouver in 2010.




Brett has been involved with martial arts since he was 15, and has been training and teaching in the weapon arts for the last 16 years. Outside of Pekiti Tirsia, he has instructor ranking in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and fight experience in medieval sword combat, other South-East Asian, and Filipino martial arts.  From this diverse background, Brett has brought unique skills to maelstrøm, particularly in empty-hand and combat attribute conditioning.

Brett is active in as many programs as he can be at maelstrøm and is proud to fight under the flag of the Sled Team as both one of the Tricky Bastards and as an honorary member of the Toro Clan.  He is a full DB fighter “Grey Dog”.