Memberships and Pricing information

Special Membership Offers:

1) 1 Day and 30 Day Free Trial Memberships:

These one-time free trial memberships are open to all new qualifying students.  All memberships must be approved by our chief instructor, and may also be subject to a waiting list if our classes are full.

Details are available at the New Students Offers page.

2) Military and LEO Memberships:

maelstrom is proud to support our Canadian military and our community peace officers. We offer free memberships to all active duty personnel and discounted memberships to partners, spouses, and non-active personnel – all are subject to space and availability.

More information is available at the Military/LEO page.

3) Public Service Sector Memberships:

maelstrom also acknowledges those whose dedication supports and protects our communities and who provide essential services to each and every one of us.  We happily extend our PSSM offer of 50% off Regular Memberships (up to 2 classes per week) to active members of these professions:

  • Fire fighters
  • Paramedics/EMS staff
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Grade K-12 public school teachers

4) Regular maelstrom Memberships:

In order to accommodate a wide range of needs, there is a relatively flexible fee structure for training at maelstrøm (training at Tactix Gym falls under a separate fee model).  Please speak to an instructor to meet your personal needs.  Some examples include:

Drop In:  

Best option for those only able to train sporadically

  • $15 per class
  • $ 5 to add a second class the same evening

** Ask about multi-class drop-in cards for discounted rates



Best options for regular training (offers the best value).   See our New Student Kit!

Cost depends on number of classes/week:

  • Typical monthly:  2 classes per week – $80/month (our most common plan)
  • Committed monthly: all classes – $120/month
  • All-in:  all classes with a 6 month commitment – $100/month


We encourage students to participate in the group programs for the fullest training experience, and maelstrøm instructors offer private sessions as well.  These are for existing students that looking to augment their regular training as well as for individuals seeking specific training objectives on a fixed schedule.

Call or contact us for hourly and package rates – for individuals, pairs, or groups.

Mini-Courses, Seminars, and Special Events: 

We regularly conduct mini- and micro-courses (8 week and 4 week) on special subjects. The material can range widely from our very popular Bourne Legacy mini-course to core material like Krabi Krabong and Pencak Silat, both of which are currently only offered in mini-course format.

Mini- and micro-courses are not included for drop-in or Regular students except for those paying monthly for all classes. Space is limited to a small number of students and our core membership always have first opportunity to sign up.

Not only do we have strong ties to other great martial arts instructors in the area, but guest instructors often come to Vancouver and conduct week-end seminars as well, and we bring our own Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje to town every year. These seminars are great training experiences and we encourage our students to attend them whenever they can.

Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events and our Facebook page to see what events or seminars may be coming up soon!


** All memberships are subject to our standard Conditions of Membership.