maelstrøm gets some new toys: body armour!

maelstrøm recently acquired a full set of Spartan training armour. We finally had a chance to break it out and give it a try.  Tuhon Loki suited up and spent an intense 45 minutes providing an aggressive feed to the students in our Tuesday night empty hand class.

Tuhon Loki’s assessment:

So you feel bad-ass and maybe just a bit intimidating – right up until the first over-eager student hauls off and socks you in the face.  Then you realize that this is not meant to replace a FIST suit – or prevent whiplash.  That said, it fits and moves really well and it gives those over-eager students much more permission to push their striking techniques.  I am not inhibited in my movement so I can keep up with them and not worry about the occasional clash.

I like it!!

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