Dog Brothers, and Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA)

The Dog Brothers

The Dog Brothers are both a group of stick fighters, and a way of training with a goal of attending full-contact, limited rules, minimal safety-gear fighting events in the USA and Europe, known as the Gathering of the Pack.

Dog Brothers Martial Arts (DBMA)

DBMA is a system of weapons fighting developed by Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny and the Dog Brothers. It has a curriculum and ranking structure entirely of its own.

Stick fight training, via the Dog Brothers approach, is really about the transformation possible for the student – male or female. This is for anyone who wants to grow beyond dogma and rigid formalism. Real lessons and opportunities for growth are there for those who can break through their personal limitations and step up to the challenge. Intensity and focus are key requirements – both mental and physical. And it is not expected that everyone will choose this way.

You can find more information about DBMA and the DBMA organization here

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Dog Brothers Martial Arts

At maelstrom, we embrace all our training brothers and sisters equally. Regardless of their training skills, fighting systems, techniques or styles, everyone has something share when fighters are willing to learn.

In our Sunday morning Fight Lab classes, like with Dog Brothers fights, there are no weight classes, no stylistic requirements, but also no gender restrictions, no discrimination of any sort. Everyone fights that wants to, each according to their goals and to their limits – and as far beyond as they are willing to go.

For those who are considering this path, we offer a chance to dip your toe in during the Intro To Fight Lab Day which happens once a month. This is the “lite” version of the regular Sunday morning Fight Lab class. We ensure training intensity and challenges are reduced to help provide a transitional step for new students.

For some people, the ultimate goal is simply to test and improve their own training. For others it is to fight at one of the Beat the Crap out of Cancer (BTCOOC) fundraisers. For others it is travel to Los Angeles or Montreal (or Europe) to join in the Gathering of the Pack – a Real Contact, no-rules, minimum equipment Dog Brothers event that sees 40-50 fighters lining up to take turns for 2 minute fights over a 3-5 hour period.

At BTCOOC and at a Gathering, each fighter finds his or her own dance partner and reaches an agreement on what kind of fight and what kind of weapons are to be used. They step onto the field or arena when their turn comes up. Two minutes later it is over.

“No judges, no referees, no trophies. One rule only: Be friends at the end of the day. This means no one should spend the night in the hospital, and everyone should leave with the IQ that they came with.”

The difference is that Gatherings are far more intense and full-contact than the typical BTCOOC fights, or the day-to-day training at maelstrom. Only a few who train at the Sunday morning Fight Lab go to the Gathering. Many more will go to events like Beat The Crap Out of Cancer where one sees much wider, and lower, degrees of intensity.  Those that do find something that brings them back, time after time.

Highlights from the 2011 Tribal Gathering:


Highlights from the 2012 Open Gathering: