Our Instructors

Maelstrøm has offered classes in the Vancouver area since 1994.

Chief instructor Loki Jörgenson has been training in Southeast Asian weapon arts continuously for 30+ years.  Guro Loki is certified by the authoritative masters of each of the offered arts. He has tested his skills in full contact, no rules stick fighting bouts and traveled to southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia) to train and fight.

Loki Jorgenson – Chief Instructor


At maelstrøm, the team of instructors is highly skilled and qualified – each bringing unique skills and specialties to the training.  These include backgrounds in related styles and systems, Dog Brothers full contact, self-defense and street-defense, weapons grappling, live blade, empty hand, exotic weapons, dance and music, and mastery in particular weapons.  To ensure the quality of instruction, only certified instructors lead classes at maelstrøm – every instructor has teacher ranking and fight experience.

We are grateful and deeply indebted to all of our teachers who are the direct source of our skills and inspiration.




Stas Malychev – Instructor, Kali/Pencak Silat