Intro to Fight Lab


Intro to Fight Lab

Not everyone feels ready to step straight into the regular flow of a standard Sunday Fight Lab.  During those classes, our training methodology naturally scales the energy and intensity to the level of our partners.  To help bridge the gap for newcomers, we further reduce the intensity and expectations to make equipment-based training more accessible.

Once per month – usually the last Sunday of each month – we poll the regular students to see if enough people are interested in trying it out.

Intro to Fight Lab days are much like our regular classes, but dialed back to a level geared to test and challenge, but not overwhelm and intimidate. It’s not a cakewalk, but it’s approachable and anyone can feel confident about stepping in and stepping up.

Intro classes are announced on the week before the last Sunday of each month via email (for members), and is also posted on our Facebook page for those looking to keep abreast.  If enough people respond, we confirm the class.

Hope to see you out there!