!NEW! Pencak Silat class at maelstrom (Broadway)

New Classes at maelstrøm

Starting February 5 2014, we are excited to announce some changes to the regular class schedule. Most of our regular schedule remains the same (check here for details) but we have added some new opportunities for students to train: Indonesian pencak silat – empty hand and small weapons-based traditional arts – Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Silat_Kerambit1Open to all students, beginning and advanced. Curriculum includes:

  • Pencak silat Mande Muda – an international blend system composed of:
    • Pencak silat Cimande
    • Pencak silat Hari Mau
    • Pencak silat Syabandhar
        • Pencak silat Gajdah Putih Jati Wisesa

    Material covered will include forms (jurus), breath technique for internal energy (pernafasan), conditioning and cycle drills, striking technique, and use of weapons such as the golok, kerambit, and sarong.

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