On Any Sunday Morning ….

On Sundays at maelstrøm  we take the stick fight to the next level.

DBMA embraces many Southeast Asian martial arts as well as other international fighting systems such as jiu jitsu and JKD. As such, the structure is less rigid, less formal, but always trained with intent, intensity and right attitude. Dog Brothers offers a unique experience that is personally challenging and transformative.

While intensity is a key, we also aim to train safely, and there is room in the class for fighters of all levels. The conditioning and drills are physically demanding – but so is fighting and being prepared is what it is all about.


Beyond that, no one is expected or asked to fight that isn’t willing and no one is pushed beyond the limits of their abilities. At least, not any further than they can be safely supported to go. There are many ways to use the Dog Brothers approach to improve on aspects of your fight game without taking it all the way to the full DBMA experience.

i-QNKn3fB-MWe embrace all our training brothers and sisters equally, regardless of their training skills, fighting systems, techniques or styles. Everyone has something share when fighters are willing to learn. There is great value in all of our training methods and you will find every one of our DBMA teachers and fighters also training or teaching in the regular programs too. Learning never ends in the DBMA.

Work within your limits but work to expand those limits.

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