Krabi Krabong in the Movies: Tom Yung Goong (The Protector)

Featured arts:  Krabi krabong, Muay Chaiya, Muay Boran

Hot off the success of Ong Bak, Tony Jaa once again executes impressive demonstrations of old school Thai kick boxing (Muay Chai, Muay Boran) as well as Thai weapons (Krabi Krabong). In particular, there is an excellent fight between him and Lateef Crawder (Brazilian capoeira) in burning temple full of water (from fire sprinklers). And Jaa utilizes the unique Thai “mae sowks” or forearm shields, using elephant bones in place of the traditional weapons. In many cases, the plot is shaky and the action overly staged – however, it definitely worth watching.


Overview: A young man Kham (Tony Jaa) from the countryside of Thailand grows up in the company of elephants. When one of the elephants is kidnapped by unscrupulous businessmen, the youth heads for the big city to track them down and save his boyhood friend.

Rating: 7.2 (of 10)

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