Kali in the Movies: Mission Impossible 3


Featured arts: An unmistakable kali scene is thrown into a flashback – while training an agent, Hunt apparently requires her to learn sinawali (amongst other things). Amusingly, the woman’s technique looks pretty good especially compared to Cruise who is passable but clearly not a kalista.


Overview: During a party, former super-spy Secret Agent Ethan Hunt is once again called back into action by IMF Operations Director Musgrave for the newest mission, to recover a missing IMF Agent, Agent Lindsey Farris who has been captured in Berlin by the toughest villainous Owen Davian, a prominent dealer in the international black market. Ethan must confront Owen Davian the toughest villain person he’s ever faced.

Rating: 8.2 (of 10) – with a big budget and decent stars, this MI is once again a solid movie packed with lots of action. It doesn’t offer anything fundamentally new from its predecessors and it is hard not to see Cruise, the actor, instead of Hunt the role.


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