Hand Over Fist

There is an injury so common amongst a class of people, the injury ended up being named after them. As a matter of fact, the primary cause of this injury is from one single action, and can frequently be deduced just from an X-ray. Look at the following image:

Even an untrained eye may see there is something wrong with this image, but in case you need some assistance, there is an arrow pointing at the area of concern.

This is a boxer’s fracture, and this is what frequently happens when a human fist makes imperfect contact with a hard target, usually (but not exclusively) a human head.

Much of our training emphasizes hand strikes to the head as being perfomed open-handed, like palm strikes and slaps. Yes, those can be effective on their own, but the other reason to practice these strikes is so, if ever pressed and in the heat of the moment in a real confrontation, you don’t accidentally create a new joint in one of your metacarpals.

(All images reproduced under Fair Use, and with credit.)

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