Stick Bags

When I first started training kali, I carried a pair of sticks with just two rubber bands to hold them together. As time goes by, I acquired more sticks, training knives and protective gear, it becomes challenging to find the right bag to hold all my gear. Below are some of my findings:

Kali Gear Bags

The most obvious choice would be the bags that are designed for kali gears. Kali Gear offers a selection of bags which will help keeping your gear organized.

Lacrosse Bags

Same as many lacrosse gear, lacrosse bags have the right length to hold sticks as well as a compartment big enough to hold gear, but less baggy than hockey bags. (Image above is from

Bat Bags

Similar to lacrosse bags, baseball bat bags are also a good alternative. Another benefit is that they tend to be cheaper and have more selection.
(Image above is from

Yoga Mat Bags

As yoga becomes more and more popular, yoga mat bag is another popular and easy-to-find option. Excellent for carrying long training knives and sticks on public transit without getting too much attention. However, some bags may not be long enough for longer sticks. (Image above is from

Graphic Tube

Adjustable graphic tubes are great for sticks of all length. Since they are usually made of plastic, it makes them perfect for Vancouver’s rainy weather.


We have previously shared an article about Sarong as a weapon of Pencak Silat. However, in addition to its use as traditional clothing and flexible weapon, it is great for carrying objects of odd shape. In this case, sticks and other training gear.

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