Instructor Testing – Nov. 26, 2017

We are having an Instructor Testing this Sunday.

As most of you know, Stas has been pursuing his lakan guro in PTK for some time now. He will be testing this coming Sunday November 26th. Class at Ancient Fire (15 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver) starts at 10:30am sharp.

Testing is composed of three sections:

09h00-10h30 – oral exam (instructors only)
10h30-12h00 – teaching exam (everyone invited)
12h30-13h30 – expression exam (everyone invited)

NOTE: The “expression exam” can be optionally selected to be either fighting or dancing. Both are legitimate cultural expressions of the art accepted for lakan guro. Stas will be the first person ever to choose the dance/performance option. Much to look forward to.

Everyone is encouraged to attend either or both of the teaching or expression exams. Stas needs a class to teach and witnesses for his expression. It is important to support him for both.

In light of the foregoing, the regular Sunday Dog Brother class is cancelled. See you at Ancient Fire on Sunday!

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