Fall Term at maelstrom for 2017


Topic: Juego Todo/Tirada Subsystem of Doces Methodos

Description: Long range subsystem of DM

Bridge: Long range striking, umbrellas, dakup y punyo

Attributes: Foot work (cross-stepping, angling, shuffling), long-range, side-to-side, drawing


  • General striking angles and combinations
  • Cross-stepping and pivoting footwork
  • Umbrellas and counter hitting
  • Open top and closed top triangles patterns
  • Long range striking
    • Four loads
    • Basic Juego Tirada/Todo lines
  • Florette form (consult latest references from Tuhon)
  • Alphabito (after Florette)
    • A → D

Reproduced under fair-use and with credit.

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