Upcoming in November – Pencak Silat Gadjah Putih (Weekend Seminar)

Pencak silat is the cultural martial art of Indonesia, as well as numerous other SouthEast Asian countries. Gadjah Putih is a specific system from West Java with its roots in Sundanese ethnic culture. It is widely practiced in the regions around Bandung but rare outside of West Java. Maha guru Roedy Wiranatakusumah has practiced pencak silat Gadjah Putih his entire life, as well as other martial traditions from West Java, and brought its training to countries around the world through the Silat Sunda Institute.

Pencak Silat Gadjah Putih is characterized by a low solid base, conservative hand positions close to the body, powerful elbow strikes, intercepting/grabbing the attacking hands and elbows, joint locks, and counter-lock evasion. The preferred weapon is the golok and is atypically held backwards along the forearm to accentuate the elbow strikes. At this seminar, both empty hands and weapons will be taught, as well as the internal breath aspects of the system rarely seen outside of West Java.

All levels of practitioner are welcome and will benefit.
See below or open the Silat Seminar Poster for details:

When: Nov. 11 (Sat, 12pm-6pm) and Nov. 12 (Sun, 10am-4pm)
Where: Ancient Fire (15 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC)

– $150 for two days of training
– Early bird: $120 if signed up before Oct. 22. Payment can be made through PayPal.
– Single day option is available, please email (info@maelstromcore.com) for more information.

Reproduced under fair-use and with credit.

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