The Art of Eskrima/Kali in Comics

Over the years, FMA has gained more presence in various media. The Jason Bourne series was a good example of application of fighting techniques in movies. However, the moves in the movies were usually too fast. I didn’t learn the details of the famous fighting scenes until after I took the Fight Like Jason Bourne Mini Course. Now I have a lot more appreciation on the efforts put in the film.

That being said, movies are not the only media utilizes FMA fighting techniques. FMA also play an increasing important role in comics. In which the moves are broken down in panels and are much easier to read. Recognize the gunting-style disarm move with the sticks in the above picture?

Below is a link to an article published by Zedric Dimakanta, in which he talked about Eskrima and the comics and comic book-based films who used FMA techniques.
Leaving Proof 168 | The art of eskrima in comics and comic book-based films

Feature image credit: Page from Showcase ’94 #12 (December, 1994)
Reproduced under fair-use and with credit

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