Reps vs Practice

We all remember that, when first started learning a new skill or technique, everything seemed to be clumsy. The hands were hanging around, the feet were not moving or the body just doesn’t want to go with the feet. We had to consciously think about how we want to move every part of our body. After a while, with repetition, we get used to the movement and those 1s and 2s just come naturally.

It is undeniable that repetition is the key to transform short-term memory into a procedural memory. However, simple repetition would not be sufficient. Here is an article about A Better Way to Practice. It talked about mindless practice and provided some of the suggestions on how to practice smarter. In nowadays, work, family or even errands need our attention and time, which makes smart practice even more important.

Back in Dec. 2013, Guru Brett also wrote an article Reps ≠ Practice, in which he shared the importance of quality over quantity.

Happy training!

Reproduced under fair-use and with credit

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