Kali in the Media: The Hunted

Featured arts: For real, the hand of Sayoc kali is clearly seen. The famed Sayocs acted as consultants and choreographers for the fight scenes.


Overview: In the green woods of Oregon, Aaron Hallam, a trained assassin AWOL from the Special Forces, keeps his own brand of wildlife vigil. After brutally slaying four deer hunters in the area, FBI Special Agent Abby Durrell turns to L.T. Bonham– the one man who may be able to stop him. At first L.T. resists the mission. Snug in retirement, he’s closed off to his past, the years he spent in the Special Forces training soldiers to become skilled murderers. But when he realizes that these recent slayings are the work of a man he trained, he feels obligated to stop him.

Rating: 7.8 (of 10) – somewhat wooden acting and a pretty sparsely developed set of characters keeps this from getting very interesting. The knife fights are …. reasonably good. Certainly it’s nice to see some specific techniques happening but the plot keeps stepping on the credibility.

(Re-produced under fair-use and with credit)

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