Krabi Krabong in the Movies: Sema, the Warrior of Ayudhaya

Featured arts: Similar to the Legend of Suriyothai and Bang Rajan, this is an epic feature jam-packed with historical combat action between the Burmese and the Siamese. All forms of krabi krabong are present including mae sowks, daab song meu (and nung meu), spear and shield and much more.


Overview: Sema, the son of a swordsmith, has fallen in love with the beautiful Rerai. However, she has already been engaged to Moo Khan, another warrior, against her will. Devastated, Sema joins the Siamese army as a nomad and fights the Burmese invaders.In Thai only (no English sub-titles) – available only in SE Asia.
In Thai only (no English sub-titles) – available only in SE Asia.

Rating: 8.7 (out of 10) – It is most unfortunate that there are no sub-titles because the film appears to be quite good – well-filmed and stunted with some meaningful plot and character development as well. Naturally there is very little (if any) CGI in use – all the extras are real people and the open-field combat scenes are intense.

(Re-produced under fair-use and with credit)

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