Beat the Crap out of Cancer – Nov 9, 2013

For the fourth year in a row, the Beat the Crap out of Cancer fight event will raise money for cancer research.  With a name like that, how could you know be intrigued?

This year on November 9th fighters in four venues (Toronto, Los Angeles, Illinois, and the UK) will gather to fight in the idiom of the Dog Brothers, and gather pledges along the way so that every bruise and knock on the muscles will mean one more step toward a future without cancer.

Maelstrøm usually has members who fly out to Toronto and participate in the day of fights.  They fight staff, double stick, single stick, knife, mae sowk, or any combination for which they can find a willing opponent.  Prior to this, they fund-raise with the help of sponsors – friends, family, or anybody who wants to help out – every penny going toward the Canadian Cancer Society.

This is a great (if somewhat crazy) event where we put our passion toward helping an international problem.

Help out our friends, and the fight against cancer, by sponsoring one of the fighters.  More information will follow on how and when to do this.  Make sure the visit the website to learn more.  Wouldn’t you like to contribute to a worthy cause, and sponsor someone in an all-out full-contact fight at the same time?

beat the crap

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