Memberships and Pricing information

Ancient Fire Dojo memberships provide access to all available classes, including those offered by maelstrom Martial Arts.

1) 1 Day and 30 Day Trial Memberships:

These one-time free trial memberships are open to all new qualifying students.  All memberships must be approved by our chief instructor, and may also be subject to a waiting list if our classes are full.

Details are available at the New Students Offers page.

2) Monthly Memberships:

Ancient Fire Dojo memberships provide a range of options based on monthly subscription, for 1-, 2-, or 3-classes/week, as well as an all-classes option.  Speak to an instructor to find out what fits best for you.

A typical 2-class/week monthly membership is $150 with special rates available for current maelstrom students, those paying for longer commitments, and subscription via PayPal.

NOTE:  We believe that money should NEVER get in the way of training.  If you are keen to train but cannot afford the full rates, talk to us.

3) Daily Memberships:

Drop-in is the best option for those only able to train sporadically

  • $25 per class

4) Privates:

We encourage students to participate in the group programs for the richest training experience.  And maelstrøm instructors are available for private sessions as well.

Call or contact us for hourly and package rates – for individuals, pairs, or groups.  Tell us what you want to achieve and when you can train, and we will match you with instructors who are available.

Rates for privates vary with the instructor, time commitment, and material requested.

5) Mini-courses, seminars, special events:

We regularly conduct micro- and mini-courses (typically 6 or 12 hours) on special topics. The material can range widely from our very popular Bourne Legacy mini-course to specialized training in Kali, Krabi Krabong and Pencak Silat, both of which are currently only offered in mini-course format.

Keep an eye on our Upcoming Events and our Facebook page to see what events or seminars may be coming up soon!

** All memberships are subject to our standard Conditions of Membership.