Bourne To Fight Workshop – Sep 2018 (Island Edition)

The Fight Like Jason Bourne/Bourne Legacy/Bourne To Fight workshop series is in its 14th year and being held in the south Vancouver Island region for the first time. It is not currently available in Vancouver for 2018.

The fighting techniques from the Jason Bourne movie series are taken directly from the Filipino martial arts. The choreographer on the first three movies was the renowned Jeff Imada from the Inosanto Academy. The fight scenes use realistic FMA applications including empty hand against knife, improvised weapons, and use of environment.

“The class was a fun and informative blend of learning, fundamental practical Kali skills and movie action movements. I will be doing it again” Kevin (2015)

See below for many details of the mini-course curriculum, choreography, and training:

Date: Sundays, 90 min – Sept 23 – Nov 11, 2018
Time: 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Location: Speed Source Fitness – 2197 Otter Point Rd., Sooke BC

Facebook: Bourne To Fight: FB Event
Phone: 604.908.5833

To reserve or get more information for the Fall 2018 8-week mini-course in Sooke, BC:

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    What you will train – day to day until you can match Jason Bourne!

    Day 1: Footwork

    • Three ranges of footwork – short, medium and long
    • Footwork patterns
    • Footwork techniques
    • Stepping cycle drills
    • Evasions and take-offs (juking)
    • Foot checks and controls
    • Close range block-and-deflect with knives

    Day 2: Hand Attacks and Controls

    • Response to overhand attack
    • Block-and-deflect cycle drill
    • Attacking cycle drills
    • Punching cycle drills
    • Knife tapping (controlling the attacker)
    • Slash-to-thrust knife attacks and responses

    Day 3: Defanging the Snake and Destructions

    • Advanced knife tapping and controls
    • Boxing basics – jab, cross, hook and body hook
    • Defanging the attacker – hand and arm destructions
    • Elbow destructions
    • Knee destructions
    • Foot traps, shin checks

    Day 4: Multiple Attackers

    • Prison riot – multiple attackers with weapons
    • Block-and-deflect – high-line to low-line
    • Tapping on three lines
    • Applied knee destructions
    • Applied foot checks and traps
    • Low-line block-and-deflect against knife
    • Range control against multiple attackers

    Day 5: Knife vs Knife Choreography – Using forward vs reverse grip

    • Attack combinations
    • Forward vs. reverse cycle drill
      • Knife vs. knife
      • Knife vs. empty hand
      • Empty hand vs. empty hand
    • Speed drills

    Day 6: Short Choreography – Using pen as improvised weapon

    Day 7: Flexible Choreography – Using towel as improvised weapon

    • Choreography from third Bourne film
    • Putting it to video

    Day 8: Long Choreography – Using magazine as improvised weapon

    • Choreography from second Bourne film
    • Putting it to video

    This seminar covers the core elements of the Filipino martial techniques used, and will teach participants choreography from the first three Jason Bourne movies. All you need to bring is a pen, a magazine, and a small towel or handkerchief. The rest we provide.

    • Eight (8) 90 minute classes
    • One class weekly – Sunday evenings at 6:00pm
    • Open to everyone – no experience required

    If you are reading this after the advertised date, ask about the next scheduled mini-course by sending email.

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