Fencing Elbow and Knee Injuries – Prevention and Treatment

Many martial artists have experience with injuries, whether it was personally or in a fellow practitioner. We are responsible to take care of our partners during training and try our best to avoid injuries and accidents. However, when practice techniques, certain repetitive movements may sometimes cause injuries due to overuse.

The article attached below describes some of the most common yet avoidable injuries on fencing elbow and knees, possible treatments and how to avoid them. Hopefully, it would help people to prevent such injuries by identifying the cause. Fencing Elbow and Knee Injuries – Prevention and Treatment

Please note that the sharing of this article is for information purpose only. Any injuries should be examined by a physician or a health care professional on a case by case basis. The information provided in the articles should not be construed in any way a replacement for seeking professional assistance.

Source: Fencing.net
Reproduced under fair-use and with credit

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