8 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Martial Artist


1. Tactical Christmas Stocking – because it’s kind of funny to put tactical gear in something sock-shaped.


2. Umbrella with hidden sword – no one can deny that this is cool.  Plus in Vancouver, it can actually be used on a day-to-day basis.


3. Ginunting – of any type. We’ll take them all.


4. Balisong trainer – flipping them open and closed makes us look impressive and fancy.


5. Padded kali stick – sparring with this is both freeing and chock full of fun.


6. Paracord bracelet – it has become very popular to wear this.  Apparently, the cord is useful in all sorts of survival situations!


7. Athletic pants for women – there are female martial artists and they like pants made especially for them.  Plus, you get to support a local business!


8. Stick bag – we accumulate lots of gear and need ways to carry them.  Please give us more gear to fill up the bag with.

(Reproduced under fair use and with credit)

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