Dog Brothers – European Gathering 2013 (Bern)

One of the various arts offered at maelstrøm is Dog Brothers Martial Arts which offers an more intense setting for sparring and developing technique in real-life situations.  Many of our instructors and students train in the arts and have been to the various Gatherings of the Pack (US, Canada and Europe).

We’re excited to pass on the news for the European “Dog Brothers Gathering of the Pack” 2013:

“Gathering of the Pack” // 24. August 2013

See poster here: DB.Gg.2013
This will be the 8th “Gathering of the Pack” in Europe. We can be excited to have again an awesome event with fighters all over Europe and further afar. Audience is welcome.

  • Schedule / Location: Saturday 12.00 / Turnhalle Schönau, Lindenauweg 1, 3007 Bern Switzerland
  • The “Tribal” // 23. August 2012
  • Members of the tribe (dog, c-dog bro, full dog bro) are welcome to fight already one day before the actual gathering, we will be among us – means no audience.
  • The location is undetermined yet, but we will meet at the campsite Eichholz around 12:00
  • If you want to fight at the Gathering please remember, you have to register and send me the fighters form until 12. August. You only fight if you are registered!
  • If you have more questions or you want to register please send an e-mail to:

For more information regarding Dog Brothers Martial Arts (we offer Introduction to Dog Brothers one Sunday out of every month!) please feel free to contact us.



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