Ajahn Stephen Wilson – Krabi Krabong Buddhai Sawan


  • Krabi Krabong Buddhai Sawan

    • Gold sash, 8th level
  • Muay Thai – Thai Boxing Association of the USA

    • Senior instructor

Stephen Wilson is a veteran of the Vietnam war and has been training in martial arts since 1974.  He holds the second highest ranking (Gold Sash 8th level) of any non-Thai instructor in the weapon arts of Krabi Krabong.  He also holds rank of senior instructor in Muay Thai under Sattrachaan Surachai Sirisute.

Ajahn Stephen currently lives and teaches in Mount Vernon, WA.

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Krabi Krabong Buddhai Sawan

Buddhai Sawan Fighting Institute

Thai Boxing Assn USA

Thai Boxing Assn USA


Born in 1950 in Washington state, Stephen Wilson joined the U.S. Army in 1970.  He toured Vietnam in 1971 and 1972 as a Sergeant (Infantry) and was awarded the Air Medal (Bronze Star), Combat Infantryman Badge, and the Gallantry Cross (Vietnam).  He started training in Niiyama Bujutsu in 1974 and attained 3rd dan.  He began training in Thai boxing (muay Thai) in 1983 under Ajahn Sattrachaan Surachai Sirisute and attained Senior Instructor in 2011.

He trained in Bangkok, Thailand at the Buddhai Sawan Fighting Institute and became one of the first Americans to achieve Gold Sash (7th level) in Krabi Krabong.  In 1998 he achieved his current Gold Sash 8th level ranking (Ajahn Tony Moore of the UK holds the only Gold Sash 9th level ever awared to a non-Thai).

Gallantry Cross (Vietnam)

Gallantry Cross

Combat Infantry (Vietnam)

Combat Infantry (Vietnam)

Bronze Star

Bronze Star

Ajahn Stephen Wilson and student Bryan Dobler in Los Angeles CA – Sept 2006 –
performing staff (krabong) and forearm shields (mae sowks) ram