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As a native of West Java, Maha Guru  Roedy Wiranatakusumah has trained his entire life in the village style of Pencak Silat Gadjah Putih. He learned directly from the Grand Maha Guru  Bapak A. Wajihadin (now deceased), training on and around the semi-active volcanoes which are part of the region near Garut.

The name Gadjah Putih translates approximately to “the white elephant” – “gadjah/gajah” means “elephant”; and “putih” means “white”.  Mega Paksi Pusaka is the original root of the Gadjah Putih system – the name translate literally as “augment axis heirloom/legacy” and means that it is based on the foundational aspects of the system.

The elephant symbolizes a useful or productive creature that handles great loads with strength and responsibility. The color white symbolizes purity.


Pencak silat Gajah Putih Mega Paksi was founded by Bapak H. Djaenudin in 1959. He resigned as chief of the system in 1983. In 1989 Bapak A. Wajihadin assumed direction with a view to revitalize the system. He declared the new name pencak silat Gadjah Putih on September 19, 1991.

The original name Gajah Putih Mega Paksi is still used by various groups.



Grand Maha Guru  Bapak A. Wajihadin died in April 2012. His successor has not yet been named. Maha Guru  Roedy moved to Vancouver in the early 1990s and resided there until 2002. He taught Pencak Silat Gadjah Putih at the Indonesian Consulate and elsewhere in the area. He has since returned to Indonesia where he continues to train and teach.

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