Start Kali monthly short course

The Start Kali 8-class short course is designed to give people new to Filipino stick fighting (kali) a solid foundation in the art while learning about the training, meeting the club and instructors, and having great time doing something new and exciting.

It runs monthly – starting on the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month in most cases – and is at 8pm on Tuesday and Thursday for 90 minutes, each week of the month for 8 classes. Usually there are 3-4 people in a short course class along with 1 or 2 instructors involved.

Although Filipino martial arts involve a broad range of weapons, the most important ones are 28″ single rattan stick, double sticks, empty hand, and knife. The short course focuses primarily on the first three. Movement and footwork are also essential. The main challenges in the course are around combining foot and hand work, and swinging a stick effectively.

There are many different forms of kali in the Philippines. It is also called eskrima or arnis. The form trained at maelstrom is called Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali and it originates in Negros Occidental in the Visayan islands of central Philippines.

See below the calendar to find the best dates for you to start.

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