The Silat Sunda Sessions – March 2021

Three online sessions – with Kang Roedy Wiranatakusumah, Kang Robby Maulana Zulkarnaen, and Kang Denny Setiawan – from West Java on Zoom.

When:   Sundays @ 6pm PT (10am Indonesia)
               Feb 28, Mar 7 and 14, 2021

Where:  Zoom (register to receive the link)

Who: Three top practitioners of silat Sunda in West Java

Register for one or all sessions described below using PayPal or a credit card via the Monsoon Society.  Your Zoom link will be sent to you on the Friday prior to the event. 
** Sliding scale is available – please be there if you have interest in Sundanese martial culture and practices – contact for details

All 3 Silat Sunda sessions – $50 CAD
Robby Maulana Zulkarnaen (Feb 28, 2021) – $20 CAD
Denny Setiawan (Mar 7, 2021) – $20 CAD
Roedy Wiranatakusumah (Mar 14/TBD) – $20 CAD Buy Now button

Sunday Feb 28 @ 7pm PT (10pm ET)

Kang Robby Maulana Zulkarnaen
Discussion of Sunda philosophy and pencak silat applications

Kang Robby Maulana Zulkarnaen

Sunday Mar 7 @ 7pm PT (10pm ET)

Kang Denny Setiawan
Discussion of Nampon history, pencak silat jurus, and breathwork

Kang Denny Setiawan

Sunday Mar 14 @ 5pm PT (10pm ET)

Kang Roedy Wiranatakusumah
Discussion of Silat Sunda and maen po

Kang Roedy Wiranatakusumah

This is a unique opportunity to engage with three deeply respected leaders of Sundanese martial and cultural practices, direct from West Java. From philosophy to culture, from breath to movement, from jurus to applications, these three unique sessions will give you access information unavailable elsewhere.

No matter what form of martial art, breathwork or traditional dance that you practice, these sessions promise to open doors to new aspects of yourself and your craft.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact guru Zack Garcia or maelstrom Martial Arts: