Steve Lawrence – Assistant Instructor


Lakan Guro Steve Lawrence- Assistant Instructor


  • Pekiti-Tirsia System of Kali

    • Rank: Lakan Guro (1st hagdan)

Guro Steve is an active instructor at maelstrøm and is currently in charge of the Tactix Gym location, offering classes three times per week.



Steve’s martial arts career started in 2004 when he revisited a long-term goal of learning how to stick fight.  It was then that he met Tuhon Loki and started training Pekiti-Tirsia Kali at maelstrom Martial Arts.  Steve has been fortunate enough to work with all of maelstrom’s instructors as well as to train at events with Leslie Buck, Dan Inosanto, Marc Denny, Tuhon Phillip Gelinas, and Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje Jr.  Over the years, Steve has also enjoyed training pencak silat and panatukan but his passion definitely lies in PTK.

In addition, Steve is also a founding member of the Monsoon Society which works with maelstrom to bring together different martial arts, dance, and ethnic communities.