December 2018 Training Schedule at Maelstrom

December 2018 Training Schedule at maelstrom’s new location, Ancient Fire

Maelstrom’s classes have moved to the Ancient Fire location at 15 West 2nd Ave in Vancouver (Olympic Village).  As typical, maelstrom and Ancient Fire are closed for the last 10 days of December.

This year, maelstrom will be closed from Sunday, 23 December through 1 January 2019. There will be no class until Wednesday, 2 January (pencak silat and krabi krabong). However, please check back frequently for up-to-date closures information.

The class schedule for December 2018 (and into 2019) at Ancient Fire is as follows (maelstrom classes are in bold, those with new times are italicised):

Monday: 7pm-9pm pencak siat (Annie, Ancient Fire)

Tuesday: 6-7:30pm Kali (maelstrom)
7:30pm-9pm kali (Jesse, Ancient Fire)

Wednesday: 6pm-7:30pm JKD (Jesse, Ancient Fire)
7:30pm-9pm Pencak Silat (maelstrom)
9pm-late Krabi Krabong (maelstrom)

Thursday: 6pm-7:30pm JKD (Brent, Ancient Fire)
7:30pm-9pm Kali (maelstrom)

Saturday: 9am-11am traditional gi BJJ (Ross, Ancient Fire)
11-1pm Kali (maelstrom)
1pm-2:30pm JKD (Jesse, Ancient Fire)
2:30pm-4pm jun fan kickboxing (Jesse, Ancient Fire)

Sunday: 9:30am-11am kyokyshin/Muay Thai (Sean, Ancient Fire)
11am-1pm Fight Lab (maelstrom)
2pm-5pm breathwork (Amber, Ancient Fire)
6:30pm-8pm kundalini yoga (Theresa, Ancient Fire)

See the Ancient Fire schedule for more details.

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