Hilot: A Traditional Filipino Healing Massage

After a week of hard training, it is common to have sore muscles, which brings us to the topic of today – Hilot – a traditional Filipino healing massage.

Hilot is an ancient healing art originating in the Philippines, still used today to relax stressed muscles. This is especially true in rural areas of the Philippines where Hilot practitioners (Manghihilots) and herbalists/ midwives (Arbularyos) are usually cheaper alternatives then Western doctors.

Like many other systems of natural health care, hilot functions on the principal that health is maintained by balance, and disharmony in the body results in disease. Diagnosis are made through different methods such as touch, pulse reading and analysis of hot and cold. Hilot practitioners use chiropractic manipulation and massage to treat various ligament, joint and musculoskeletal problems. Practitioners then use a variety of methods, and herbs to correct the imbalance.

Attached below are links with information relating to Hilot:
Hilot Introduction by Garimot Arnis Training
Hilot: A Traditional Filipino Healing Massage by Rosanna C. Rogacion via medium.com

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