Beat The Crap Out of Cancer – Recap

Thanks to all those who donated to/fought in and came out to watch and help support BTCOOC on Saturday. We don’t have all the numbers in yet but so far for Toronto and Vancouver we have raised over $11,000 with Beat the Crap Out of Cancer 8!

Huge thanks to everyone that made the event possible.

Rene Cocolo for keeping the whole thing running for 8 years.
Tuhon Loki for being our Vancouver ringmaster yet again.
Thanks to AncientFire for hosting us in their amazing space.
Thanks Tricia Dong and Claire for all their help getting things organized and running the event.
Thanks as well to Erik for covering medical for us.
Last, but not least, thanks to Larmont for taking video for us.

It was a smaller group for us this year, but it was a tight group and there were a lot of really good fights.

For updates and photos/videos, visit the following Facebook pages:
Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer Vancouver
Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer

Until next time~

Featured photo credit: Tricia Tong
(Reproduced under fair-use and with credit)

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