Traditional Weapons of Indonesia

In recently years, kerambit has become more and more well-known. This indigenous weapon originating from Indonesia has been given a make-over and can be seen in almost every knife supply store/website. It is also interesting to learn about the traditional weapons from other Indonesia regions.

In the upcoming Pencak Silat Gadjah Putih Seminar to be held on Nov. 11-12, the application of kerambit and golok will also be covered. Early bird price ends this Sunday (Oct. 22). Details of the seminar and information regarding payment can be found in the link above.

Below are links to some background information of various traditional weapons of Indonesia shared on Traditional Art:

Kerambit/Karambit (Western Sumatra)
Kujang (West Java)
Keris/Kris (Central Java)

Source credit: Sukasuka of Indonesia

Reproduced under fair-use and with credit

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