Spring Term at maelstrom for 2017


Topic: Practical Makes Perfect

Description: Making technique work means burning it in. Simple, tried-and-true combinations and tactics should be intuitive from repetition and experience. Going beyond theoretical to practical means dealing with the realities of speed, power, and an active opponent. This term will be dedicated to owning key movements in single and double stick, as well as knife applications.

Bridge: Contrada flows (from the 10), knife tapping

Attributes: 10,000 strike challenge (2,000 reps/month on 3 combos); rep’ing to muscle memory; practical and effective


  1. Double stick
    • Striking combinations
    • Dirty Dozen
  2. Solo baston
    • Challenge combos (only three – 1 per month)
      • #2 umbrella to horizontal #2
        • To head
        • To hand
      • #1-#2 left cross
      • #1-#4-reverse #2
      • #1 umbrella to knees
      • #1, drop to squat with #2 broken to leg, pop back up to standing with fluid #2.
  3. Espada y daga
    • Contrada flows cont.
  4. Foot/Handwork
    • Countering the grab/grappl
    • Knees – from plum
      • Front
      • Side
  5.  Daga
    • Breaking grab/grapple to counter
      • What-If series
    • Applying body controls – grappling, grabbing, off-balancing, butting
    • Physical tapping – tapping from combinations with some force applied

Reproduced under fair-use and with credit.

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