At SEACAF 2014: PhilCAS Dance

The 7th annual Southeast Asian Cultural Arts Festival is coming to the Vancouver region on Saturday August 16 2014 – a 1-day festival with martial, cultural, and theatrical activities and performances.  Great for the whole family.  And do not miss the potluck BBQ with SE Asian flavors.

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PhilCAS is one of the  many performance and training groups there.

The Philippine Cultural Arts Society of BC  (PhilCAS) is a registered non-profit organization primarily dedicated to ‘introducing Philippine culture through dance and music and instilling in Filipino children a sense of pride, cultural awareness and identity in their Filipino heritage’. In addition, we wish to focus on strengthening the concept of harmoniously existing with the various multi-cultural sectors in the community. The members of this Society are mostly young Filipino-Canadians whose main interests are to discover their roots and eventually propagate this traditions to their peers.


PhilCAS aims to educate, inform and enrich people residing in North America in the traditions and culture of the Philippines, in particular those people of Filipino birth, ancestry, or affiliation. Create activities where people can participate in order to explore, learn, understand and share the values, tradition and practices and customs of the Filipino people as well as the varied cultures existent in this Canadian society. They assist the youth in developing a sense of community and responsibility they learn to respect their own cultures, heritage and traditions.


PhilCAS was founded by Tonette and Nes Gatus who came to Canada in mid-1997 bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Filipino traditional dancing and music. They envisioned that Filipino-Canadian youth should be given the opportunity to discover their heritage through dance and music. It was through this vision that the couple was able to impart to the local Filipino community the beauty of our culture which has long been ignored.

In less than one year, Filipino parents witnessed the hidden richness that our traditions and customs could impart to our children and in turn suggested a formal society be formed. This was the beginning of the Philippine Cultural Arts Society of British Columbia (PhilCAS of BC). PhilCAS’ strength ultimately lies in their performing arts, which focuses predominantly on the ‘Multicultural Sector of the Community’.

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