!New! Thai Krabi Krabong Classes at maelstrøm

New Classes at maelstrøm

Starting January 2 2014, we are excited to announce some changes to the regular class schedule.  Most of our regular schedule remains the same (check here for details) but we have added some new opportunities for students to train:

stop-kick-double-dha_brushKrabi Krabong (long and short)
open field Siamese/Thai weapon arts

Thursdays at 8pm

Open to all students, beginning and advanced.


Curriculum includes: single and double sword (dha), forearm shield (mae sowks), and sword and shield.  Includes basic kicking and elbowing as well.  Spear and staff may be offered outdoors during the summer months.

Check here to learn more about Krabi Krabong at maelstrøm.  Check out these amazing sword and staff demos:



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