Krabi Krabong in the Media: Man with the Golden Gun

Featured arts: Easily one of the earliest krabi krabong scenes filmed for a major motion picture, the technique is clean, fast, and unadulterated. To keep the audience aligned with the vaguely Japanese theme, the two fighters appear in a “dojo” and bow woodenly to the apparently Japanese sensei. Once past their bows though, they are all Thai – and pretty damn good too!


Overview: A classic James Bond film – Bond has been sent a golden bullets inscribed with 007. Bond’s main lead is Francisco Scaramanga (Lee), also known as ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. Whilst trying to avoid Scaramanga, Bond must find the missing Solex Agitator. Part of the usual globe-trotting has Bond in Thailand.

Rating: 7.8 (of 10) – as with so many Bonds, it is fun to watch and with the usual range of characters, situations, and high-tech devices. Nothing out of the norm in this particular Bond flick. Except the krabi krabong maybe.

(Re-produced under fair-use and with credit)

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