Bang Rajan: The Legend of the Village Warriors

Featured arts: Classic Siamese (Thai) and Burmese (Myanman) weapons arts, in particular Krabi Krabong, are in plentiful evidence. Extensive use and demonstration of open field combat, armour and shields, as well as a range of traditional weapons such as the dha, plong, and krabong, as well as exotic weapons like spiked war hammers.


Overview: Oliver Stone presents a beautiful and violent Thai film; the true story of a rural 18th century Siamese village that managed to battle an army of 100,000 invading Burmese soldiers to a standstill for five months. When Bang Rajan’s fearless warrior chief (Chumporn Taephitak) is wounded in battle, the men of the village elect a mighty rogue fighter who has been making raids on Burmese supply lines, Chan (Jaran Ngamdee), to step in and guide them.

Rating: 8.9 (of 10) – this is an excellent historical epic with good character development and action. It may not appeal to everyone as an Asian production. However, it has high production values and delivers good (true) story. The ending may disappoint for those expecting a standard Hollywood finish. The hair-dos and mustaches are fabulous.

(Re-produced under fair-use and with credit)

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