Krabi Krabong in the Movies: Ong Bak

Featured arts: This films does for traditional Muay Thai (such as Muay Boran and Muay Chaiya) and Krabi Krabong what Bloodsport did for karate/kick-bocking. Using highly stylized but dramatic fight scenes, the film portrays the unique energetics and techniques of the Thai arts, distinct from today’s sport Muay Thai. Using a mixture of different older systems, Tony Jaa displays tremendous acrobatic ability and strength.

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Overview: This movie offers a classic martial arts plot, but filmed entirely in Thailand, with Thai stars and production. When the head of Ong-Bak, the sacred Buddha of a poor village in Thailand is stolen, the population is plunged into misery. The Buddha was the focal point of an anniversary vigil believed to bring rain to the drought-stricken area. Young Ting is selected by the villagers to travel to Bangkok and rescue the relic in time for their ceremony.

Rating: 8.6 (out of 10) – as martials arts films go, this has all the right stuff in it and it is not painful to watch in between the numerous fights and stunt scenes. And it offers a unique view of Thai culture.

Krabi Krabong weapons start at 5:00

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