Kali in the Movies: Matrix – Reloaded

Featured arts: While most of the arts applied by Neo and others echo Chinese influences, there are snatches of Filipino arts. In particular, there is a decent sinawali scene in the melee fight between Neo and a group of attackers arranged artfully on a double staircase.

mael pic 2

Overview: In part two of the Wachowski Borthers’ Matrix trilogy, Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) begins to explore his superhuman abilities. He must gain enough control over the Matrix to be able to defeat the forces arrayed against him in the real world. Zion, mankind’s last free city, has been located by the machines. With 250,000 sentinels only hours away, Zion’s military leaders scramble all hovercrafts and personnel to defend the city and its people. Believing mankind’s salvation lies not with a military action, but with the Oracle’s prophecy, Morpheus pleads for time and resources to allow the Oracle to contact Neo.

Rating: 7.5 (of 10) – A veritable orgy of martial arts and stunt wire work, the action scenes continue to follow the spectacular standards set in the first film. While the plot lines become harder to follow, the film is a worthy follow on from the ground breaking part one.

Kali starts at 3:40:

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