Kali in the Media: The Jason Bourne Films

The fighting techniques from the Jason Bourne movie series are taken directly from the Filipino martial arts.  The choreographer on the first three movies was the renowned Jeff Imada from the Inosanto Academy.  The fight scenes used realistic FMA applications including empty hand against knife, improvised weapons, and use of environment.

maelstrom Martial Arts offers an annual 8-week mini-course that teaches the basic empty-hand and improvised weapons techniques.  At the conclusion of the course, each student learns part of the fight choreographies from each of first three movies.


The Bourne movies were adapted from Robert Ludlum’s spy/thriller books. The story begins with a man found floating in the Mediterranean Sea with no memory of his past. Following a string of clues to find his own identity, he is chased by assassins everywhere he goes. The plot twists and turns throughout the subsequent movies as Bourne is dragged into conflicts involving thieving CIA agents and exposing the truth behind the spy programs that trained him.


Matt Damon starred in the first three Bourne movies:

A fourth Bourne movie was recently released called the Bourne Legacy (2012) which instead featured Jeremy Renner (HawkEye from The Avengers, The Hurt Locker).  This movie had fewer fight scenes and did not feature the Filipino martial arts as clearly.

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