Pinoy Fiesta 2014 – Aug 10 (Vancouver)

Celebrating Filipino culture is one of maelstrøm’s favourite activities! We’ve already attended the Celebration of Filipino Independence Day this past June, practicing kali on a sunny day surrounded by music, laughter, and coloured flags. Though it is still some time away, we’d like to let you know that maelstrom will be at the Pinoy Fiesta 2014 on August 10th, participating in the parade.

We meet on Fraser at 10h00 latest!!  Bring your sticks and club shirts.

It’s an annual community event, and members of the club show their skills and their enthusiasm while walking the parade route. Maelstrøm has been in the parade multiple times in the past years, and we keep coming out for more! Mark the dates on your calendar, everyone, and see you there!

In the meantime, check out some pictures below.

pinoy fiesta 1

pinoy fiesta 4

pinoy fiesta 2

pinoy fiesta 5

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