Winter Term (Jan-Mar 2013)

Focus: Locks, Fangs, and Disarma

Close contact fighting is the hardest and most dangerous to do. It brings you far too close to the weapons and often leads to grappling – which makes range control very difficult. The alternative to ranging is controlling the opponent’s body and weapon. In some cases, closer is actually better insofar as creating advantage is concerned. And in other cases, it is simply what has happened and you need to be ready to deal with it.

For this term, we will work on the techniques of close range control – locks, fangs, and disarma. But – and an important distinction – with the understanding that these are things you use as part of your offensive. Not as a means in themselves. Why? Because none of these are purely offensive (or counter-offensive) and as a rule must be used as accompanying material.

  • Single stick lock series
  • Knife and empty hand lock series
  • Seven angles of disarma
  • Three stick fangs
  • Hand grip and lock development
  • What-if series


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